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About Us

Hello there!  I'm Tara B... maiden name and married name both start with "B"


I live in Utah. I've also lived in Tokyo and Manhattan,  and a few places in between.


My favorite thing to photograph is PEOPLE! My theatre background definitely influences my pictures - as I've spent lots of time and money studying human emotion and how to use art to tell a story.


I have a Master's degree from NYU in Vocal Performance and Musical Theatre. I teach in the Music Dance Theatre department at BYU. I loooove my BYU students and I like to sing and act and dance, but I especially like to getting to help other people do those things.


I'm in love with 3 boys - my husband Scott and our two cute little boys. 


I like pretty things that taste good. Like cookies and cupcakes.


I hate the color purple. I put ice in my cereal to keep it cold and crunchy.


Favorite Places: New York, Hawaii, Hotel Del Coronado, Disneyland, and HOME. 


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